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Alone II
Disclaimer- Sadly, not in a million years
AN- Well, I received Smallville seasons 2-5 for Christmas and after watching Phoenix the plot bunnies bit and won’t let go.
The headline screamed off the Daily Planet, burning its image into Kal’s mind. He briefly scanned the article on pages 1, 2, 3 and 5 which mainly featured Lex’s career at LexCorp and LuthorCorp, along with his two short lived marriages.
Biting back a snarl, Kal punched the side of the newspaper stand, leaving a deep dent. Ignoring gaping stares from onlookers, Kal got onto his bike, roaring into traffic.
When Kal got to his apartment, he took out one of the few things he’d brought from Smallville. It was a picture of him and Lex at Lex’s first wedding. A rare smile came to Kal’s face as he remembered that day.
Lex wrapped his arm around Clark’s shoulders, pulling him close. “Did you ever think I would settle down this fast Clark?” Lex asked as a photographer app
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Alone by CamFan4Ever Alone :iconcamfan4ever:CamFan4Ever 0 0
Could it be Any Harder 2
Disclaimer- Nope, sorry not yet. The Calling owns this song, I don’t so please don’t sue me.
AN- Angst; party of one.
Timeline- Six months after Dino Thunder ended.
Could it be Any Harder
You left me with goodbye and open arms.
A cut so deep I don't deserve.
You were always invincible in my eyes.
The only thing against us now is time.
They say it never rains in California, but when it pours, does it pour. Tommy Oliver stared out the window of Angel Grove Community Hospital, watching the harsh rain beat against it, worry filling his mind. The steady beep, beep, beep filled the otherwise silent room. He hated this, the waiting, the worrying. He hated the way the doctors had no answers but told him to stay optimistic. She didn’t deserve this.
His hands curled into tight fists, rage slowly building up inside him. He wanted to lash out, pummel the person that did this to her, to him. He had walked away with only a few bumps and bruises albeit heavily drunk, way over the legal
:iconcamfan4ever:CamFan4Ever 2 1
Annie by CamFan4Ever Annie :iconcamfan4ever:CamFan4Ever 1 1 Could it be Any Harder by CamFan4Ever Could it be Any Harder :iconcamfan4ever:CamFan4Ever 20 5
Dark Dreamers V
Disclaimer- Disney owns the Power Rangers, Wes Craven owns Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare series. I have no rights to either of these so please don't sue me. All I own are the characters I come up with.
AN- As always thanks go to Carla, you rock girl!
"Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams."- Anonymous
Chapter Four: Facing the Nightmare Pt. 1
"What's that?"
"A Super Computer."
"What does it do?"
"It… well, runs programs and is also used to monitor the city."
Bright eyes watched with unwavering interest as Cam's fingers flew across the keyboard, bringing up a program of the Zord schematics. A 3D version of the Samurai Star Chopper spun around, pointing out various parts, stating that nothing was wrong. After Cam exited out the program, Katie turned to look up at him. "Daddy, do you love Mommy?"
"… I… there's always a part of me that will love your mother." Cam said, surprising himself. It was true though; he still had feelings for his old flame, which wasn't exactly
:iconcamfan4ever:CamFan4Ever 2 1
Dark Dreamers IV
Disclaimer- Disney owns the Power Rangers, I don't. Wes Craven created Freddy Krueger. I have no rights to any of these characters except the ones that I come up with so please do not sue me.
AN- As always a huge thanks goes to my wonderful beta Carla: (PernDragonrider) for her awesome support and encouragement.
"The bigger you dream, the higher you go."- Unknown
Chapter Three: Dreams Become Reality
"I still say you should've told me."
"And I say my reasons were my own."
"Not if they include me in them."
"Wanna bet?"
Tori sighed and looked at the little girl she considered as her own. Katie, though very aware of her Aunt Tori looking at her, she was much more interested in her bickering mommy… and daddy. She couldn't help but snuggle closer to Tori, unused to her mommy being so mad. "Aunt Tori?"
Tori bit her lower lip some before answering. "What is it Katie?"
She looked up at Tori. "Why are mommy and daddy so mad at each other?"
Tori sighed. Isn't that the million dollar question? "Th
:iconcamfan4ever:CamFan4Ever 2 0
Dark Dreamers III
Disclaimer- Disney owns Power Rangers; I do not. Wes Craven created Freddy Krueger. I have no rights to any characters except to the ones that my mind comes up with so please don't sue me.
AN- As always, huge thanks go to my awesome beta Carla (PernDragonrider) who keeps me going. Thank you.
AN2- On another note, since this AU, I'll be going with when Ninja Storm happened, they were all in college instead of high school, trust me it'll make sense later on.
When a dream takes hold of you, what can you do? You can run with it, let it run your life, or let it go and think for the rest of your life about what might have been- Patch Adams
Chapter Two: Bittersweet Reunions
"So what exactly is this prophecy dealing with Dr. O?" Kira inquired taking a sip of coffee from the backseat of Tommy's jeep.
Tommy glanced at his former student, now a rising superstar, in the review mirror. "It's a long story Kira, and you can call me Tommy now since I'm not your teacher anymore."
"We've got plenty of t
:iconcamfan4ever:CamFan4Ever 1 1
Dark Dreamers II
Disclaimer-Disney owns the Power Rangers, Wes Craven owns Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare series. I have no rights to either of these so please don't sue me.
AN- Okay all, here are the official parings for this fic, they won't be changed unless I see fit to. So here we go: Tommy/Kim, Conner/Kira, Tori/Hunter, Cam/OC, mentions of Shane/Dustin, Tori/Blake, Hayley/Tommy and Cam/Hayley.
AN2- A HUGE thanks goes to my amazing beta, Carla (PernDragonrider) who has been nothing but encouraging and supportive since I started this. I thank you deeply my friend.
Timeline- About two years after Thunder Storm.
So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable. - Christopher Reeve
Chapter One: Answers Revealed
"After you defeated Mesogog, you didn't lose your powers like you thought you would have right?"
"Right…" Tommy said, wondering how Kim had known this.
"So with that energy, good and bad floating around,
:iconcamfan4ever:CamFan4Ever 1 4
Dark Dreamers
Disclaimer- Power Rangers are owned by Disney. Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare series was created by Wes Craven. I have no rights to any of these characters so please don't sue me.
AN- Stupid bunnies. Also this will be heavily AU for plot purposes. This will probably hit every genre expect for parody. Yes, I know this has been done before.
Dark Dreamers
You just have to do what you dream, in my opinion- Jason Chan.
Prologue: Evil Arises
Darkness engulfed him, the silence was deafening. Brown eyes strained to see at least two feet in front of him, but nothing. He started to take cautious steps.
Suddenly fires roared to life in several boilers. He jumped back from the intense heat, squinting slightly noticing some movement, though did was deemed impossible. A quick glance around showed he was in a basement of a school or some other building.
Wincing at the nails on a chalkboard sound, he looked around for the source of the noise. "Who's there?" He demanded.
:iconcamfan4ever:CamFan4Ever 1 3
Maybe We'll Find Better Days.
Disclaimer- Nope don't own, wish I did though.
Maybe We'll Find Better Days
Two years, two months, three days. It seemed like an eternity to her, maybe he wasn't coming back…
No! Her mind screamed, he said he'd be back if there was someone waiting for him.
"I want you to come back for me."
"He will come back, I know it."
"What was that Maddie?"
Madison blinked, not realizing Vida had been close by. "Oh… nothing."
Vida scowled at her sister's oh-so-obvious lie. "Right. You were thinking about Nick again, weren't you?" When she didn't answer, Vida felt like screaming, or hitting something. "Mads, if Nick was coming back, he would've let us know. We've only heard from him once and even then he didn't say when he'd be back. You've got to face it sis. Nick's not coming back."
Madison's eyes darkened at her sister's harsh words. "Don't say that! Nick will be back, I know he will."
Vida opened her mouth to retort when Xander walked up. "V, Maddie, could you tone it down a bit? The customers a
:iconcamfan4ever:CamFan4Ever 1 1
Hi there by CamFan4Ever Hi there :iconcamfan4ever:CamFan4Ever 1 1 What's this, what's this by CamFan4Ever What's this, what's this :iconcamfan4ever:CamFan4Ever 1 1


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Ninja Storm:KamXHunter schtuff :iconsaesama:saesama 20 10



Broken Soul
United States
Current Residence: Indianapolis, Indiana (Boringsville, USA)
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Personal Quote: Everybody lies.- Dr. Greg House
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It's been five, almost six months since my last journal and with no responses I can honestly say no one gives a damn about me on here. I should've seen it coming since everyone I love/care about forgets about me: Frank, Jo, Grant.

If you want to get technical; Grant, my uncle, died two weeks ago. And he was *not* ready to leave us and IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR! He didn't deserve to die! My family has been through too much, we don't deserve it! When it rains it motherfucking pours.

And don't try to say that I didn't keep up, I tried but apparently my journal entries no matter how far and in between and random they were, weren't enough to even say 'Hi'. Thanks, thanks a lot. I guess whoever I love or loved could care less about me. I deserve better... or I just wasn't good enough to love anymore than a sister.

I have a t-shirt that says 'Ngi Ne Themba' which translates to 'I Have Hope', I used to have hope, now, not so much.


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